Vintage “Prinzessin Katharina”

Prinzessin Katharina

MS Prinzessin Katharina is one of the best cruise ships on Danube River. The ship was built in 1991 in Great Britain, and initially sailed under the name “Princess of Prussia”. In 2000 it was totally renovated and received its current name, the “Prinzessin Katharina” (Princess … Read More

Stately & Spacious “Classica”


MS Classica ranks amongst the most stylish and modern of river crafts, meeting the very high cruising standards. With grand panoramic windows, high ceilings, and a spacious open air deck, this wonderful vessel was designed specifically for relaxing and sightseeing on the … Read More

Elegant “Prinzessin Isabella”

Prinzessin Isabella

  MS Prinzessin Isabella (Princess Isabella), as its name implies, is an almost royal riverboat. The ship was designed in The Netherlands to meet the demands of most discriminating travelers, and entered service in 2002 under its initial name "River Odyssey". Since then … Read More


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